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## Global Theme: Orientation and Wayfinding

Wayfinding is a fundamental human activity and an integral outcome of good information architecture. It helps us to know where we are and to recognize where we could go. Having many choices can be an opportunity, but it can also cause anxiety. Therefore, we are in need of wayfinding systems that support us on our journey.

Information architecture gives us ways to understand, filter out the noise, and focus on the important parts to help us get our bearings. It creates environments that are accessible, sustainable, and extensible. All in all, information architecture empowers us to find our own way in our own time by considering our experiences, expectations, and situations.

Join the conversation on orientation and wayfinding:

  • To speak: We would like to hear your stories about wayfinding strategies, tools and methods, application in various environments and information growth. Join us as a speaker!
  • To organize a WIAD event in your city or country: Help people learn more about wayfinding and the importance of information architecture.

Global Keynote with Leah Ferguson - "Designing Environments: How wayfinding, visual design, and information architecture share our experience"

During her World Information Architecture Day 2023 keynote, Leah Ferguson explores why what we see on the surface is only a fraction of the information architecture and process that goes into developing positive environmental experiences.

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The true gift of the wayfinder’s journey is not arrival at a destination; it is who we become along the way as we fulfill our potential.

- Anonymous

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