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Australia 2024


Navigation is just about the labels...until the politics come in

Most information architecture work feels invisible to an organisation. Does the CEO actually care about the terms in the taxonomy? No.

Navigation on the other hand is a totally different matter. It is so visible to the world. It presents the products and services the organisation creates and sells.

Many times due to its hierarchical nature, politics becomes involved. I've heard comments like:

"My area needs to be on the top navigation bar."

"Why are you putting that content into this section? We own that section, and it's not our content."

It becomes a matter of status and importance.

In this World IA Day presentation, Mags Hanley will talk about the reasons why politics becomes such a big problem in navigation projects and the process of first bringing the players into the room and then addressing concerns and problems as they appear.

This online event is hosted by We are content strategy, a monthly Australia-based meetup for content strategists and designers and other UX professionals.

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Event date
Thu, 29 February 2024

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