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Cincinnati 2022

Ohio United States


North America

We have an exciting event celebrating Information Architecture, design, product and User Experience. 

We are continuing to update the schedule, so register today, and check back for updates.

Event date
Sat, 5 March 2022

Venue, parking and transit

Braxton Brewing

27 West 7th Street, Covington, KY 41011


Planning to start at 9:00am and go until 12:45. Speakers and sessions include:

  • Breakfast sponsored by Ascendum
  • Welcome Message and Keynote from Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes
  • Connected Research: Complementing methods for holistic perspectives
    • Anna D'Ambrosio, Emma Ficke, Jen Snyder (Kroger)

      Choosing the most appropriate methods for research can be challenging especially during a pandemic. We will focus on ways our teams used remote and in-person, quantitative and qualitative, and both internal and external perspectives to create inclusive insights. We will discuss best practices while providing examples of how Kroger is seeking to ensure multiple perspectives are represented. Three different examples of work will be shared by three different researchers.

  • Three Engineers Walk into a Bar: Connecting Beneath the Surface
    • Nick Law (Ascendum)

      We intuitively understand that our connections to others, to technology, to our passions, and to our work fuel us forward in our daily lives. Often muddied in the conversation of virtual happy hours and core values are the fundamental conditions that cultivate the environment where real connections thrive. We’ll explore how organic connections sprout and how to harness intention to facilitate moments of genuine connection.

      ·Connection crumbles when coerced

      ·Connection forms and grows naturally when the method of connection does not seek to center the attention on itself

      ·Connection is the most potent antidote to cynicism and apathy

  • Putting Data to Work For Product Design
    •   Troy Woolery, Brian Henn (VACO)

       Product design without data is like an air balloon with no air – it might look pleasing to the eye but there is no way of getting off the ground without air!  If you work in the product design industry you are probably somewhat familiar with why data is important, but aren’t you curious to know how the data is delivered?  How about the importance of defining an enterprise data strategy?  Or maybe the journey data takes to reach key audiences?  We will discuss all these topics, as well as how designers can leverage the data to extract key user details, avoid poor data quality, and to define audience personas. 

  • Information Architecture, The Unsung Hero of Design
    • Cris Cravens (Kroger) and Amy Copelin (Paycor), IXDA

      In an ideal world, no one thinks about Information Architecture as they make their way around a website or an app. You find what you need and move on to your next task. When an IA is good you don’t need to consider the planning and research that went into it. The experience is seamless. Yet when it’s bad, you can’t make sense of how to find the content, products, or tools that you need. You're likely to abandon the experience. Or at the very least you hunt and search around for so long that it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

      Cris Cravens and Amy Copelin of IxDA Cincinnati are hosting a panel on IA and just what makes a seamless experience. Three panelists will share their approach and experience with IA. Plus there will be lots of opportunities for questions and discussion. So, don’t miss these three talented designers: Jenny Chan, Jonathan James, and Kristy Bigler. It’s sure to be a lively discussion. 

  • Lunch provided by Vaco
  • More to come!