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Lara Fedoroff

Global Executive Producer
Global Team
Local Organizer

This year I am grateful to be working with an amazing Information Architecture Board (IAI) to run the 2015 World IA Day event. In addition, I've selected an impressive Global Leadership Team to specialize in event production like archiving the brilliant videos from speakers around the world or providing accessibility volunteers at each location. Check them out in the "People" section of this site! As Executive Producer World IA Day 2015 I am directing 38 cities in 24 countries - architecting happiness around the globe with information architecture. I'm an IA and UX researcher and designer for Fortune 500 clients and also an adjunct User Testing instructor at Burbank's New York Film Academy. In my spare time I run, free podcasts about IA, UX and Design to inspire, educate and share resources. These intellectual friendly chats are perfect for your commute!