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Mike Malewicz

Creative Director / CEO, HYPE4
Mike Malewicz

I started designing back in 1999, initially for fun, gaming related projects. Back then a web designer was the person who both designed and coded the front-end, so I had to quickly learn to code too. I worked in a couple of agencies learning to design better and in 2013 I started HYPE4. The company started initially as a design-only studio, but we were very unhappy by the level of quality external coding companies delivered so we transitioned into a design-driven software-house. Over the years we've worked with many Fortune-500 companies and innovative startups.

I also teach design at SWPS University here in Poland, speak at some conferences, surf (Baltic sea can be quite fun) and skate in the free time.

I wrote the UI Design book ( and contributed to "Frontend Unicorn" ( ebook. Currently also writing