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Community Research

World IA Day has been a nonprofit organization since 2019 that aims to spread the practice and learning of information architecture through building and connecting a global information architecture community. Prior to 2019, World IA Day was an annual event organised as part of the Information Architecture Institute (IAI) to bring free and low-cost events to people who are otherwise unable to attend or participate in professional development conferences and events. Currently, it is known in the community as an annual Day event; it attracts people from around the world to host IA-focused events once a year. With the birth of World IA Day as an organization, there is confusion between the name of the organization and the annual event.

Focus and Scope

World IA Day is going through a "rebranding" transformation: Changing the name of the organization to separate between the organization and the name of the annual event from "Day" to "Association". World IA Day the org is changing its name to become “World Information Architecture Association” under which the World IA Day annual event is one of several products and services that the organization provides to the IA community.

This community research project is a generative research project to identify opportunities for World IA Day (now Association) and to develop a strategy for how the organization can create/develop/address gaps in the information architecture community.

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Research team

  • DIA Design Guild: Andrew Shum, Cherilyn Seetho, Miguel Castillo, May Ng
  • Fikrbayan: Nada Ashour


Thank you to everyone who has participated in our interviews so far.

Listed in alphabetical order by first name: Andrew Hinton, Bob Kasenchak, Heather Hedden, Joan Vermette, Justin Kim, Lynn Boyden, May Ng, Nathan Gao, Noreen Whysel, Peter Morville, Shivanand Reddy Yerva, Vinish Garg ... and the others who wish to remain anonymous.

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Project advisors