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Experience, Mapping, and Evolution

Presented by:

Angela Pesta

Expanded understanding for experience mapping

Experiences make up our lives. Over time and in aggregate, our experiences have the power to influence the direction of society. We need evolved tools and methods that are capable of evaluating and progressing these experiences. Mapping is a technique that has been around since early man, and its usefulness and sophistication has grown, as evidenced in many modern fields, including UX with its practice of experience mapping. We can discover ways to extend our overall understanding of experience mapping by looking at how it’s being used by UX practitioners today, learning from other fields’ current mapping activities, and understanding the historical context of mapping. Our ability to evolve UX tools such as experience maps can have a direct effect on the evolution of humankind. 


February 2017


45 minutes



Session time

13:05 - 13:50