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How can we achieve scalable IA in enterprise software?

Presented by:

Diana Militano

While simplicity might work for B2C apps, enterprise software follows a different logic. Users often spend 20-40 hours every week interacting with enterprise applications and hiding essential features for simplicity’s sake hinders fast adoption.

Feature creep and less competition in the market cause software enterprise to dispense with essential good UX and UI. The result is an overly-complex product that requires a lot of training, the involvement of many stakeholders and, perhaps most importantly, doesn’t cater to the needs of the end user.

To create a product that is easier to use, is less expensive to develop and solves the problem of fast adoption, we need scalable IA. The talk will show examples of how linear structures, modules and flexible user flows are a must if we want to address the reality of customising solutions for our clients but also develop an achievable strategy that will work in the long-run.



February 2020