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IA for the Artificial and the Real

Presented by:

Marianne Sweeny

It’s almost impossible to swing a bat without hitting an article about artificial intelligence (AI). Did you know that AI engines can use our work to train software to think like us? So, let’s get involved!

An algorithm’s user experience is calculated, not observed. It’s determined by past behavior rather than informed by human insight and understanding. It is “designed” by machine intelligence rather than collaborative design thinking.

In this presentation we will focus on artificial intelligent UX and the nature of the algorithms used to calculate the quality of our architectures, experience, and content. This presentation will arm you with foundational knowledge and prescriptive guidance on how to include artificial intelligent functionality in the design process and post-design output. We design for humans. So, let’s ensure that the “human” part of Human-Computer Interaction remains the driving force behind our work.


February 2019


1 hour 30 minutes



Session time

1 hour 30 minutes