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Rhetorical Dishonesty

Presented by:

Kat King

Good information architecture helps people understand what is, and helps them navigate the universe of human meaning with the same confidence they navigate the physical world. We may think we are creating neutral architectures that reflect the "Truth", but everything we create or say is generated from our perspective, and most of the time we are not actually even trying to be neutral, we're trying to make a point, or to influence opinions, behaviors, and outcomes. We (hopefully!) don't do this with nefarious intentions, so how can we be sure we aren't being dishonest? I'll explain why we can't be neutral, show some examples of rhetorical dishonesty, and offer a challenge for each of us to be more honest and direct in how we architect information, whether it's a website, a movement, or a single meme.


February 2018


32 min