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Want better products and more business value? Design better organizations!

Presented by:

Matthew Barcomb

The world is becoming smaller, faster, and more distributed. Can traditional organization designs continue to generate business value for the long term? If not, can we design better organizations that will?

It seems many organizations try to change to keep up, but often these changes fail to stick or don't achieve the intended outcome. This happens when changes only target processes and practices and do not address the deeper, fundamental aspects of an organization's design such as structure, rewards, and inclusionary behaviors.

But changing the fundamental aspects of an organization's design can be challenging due to their complexity and lack of visibility. This session introduces practices such as Org Net Mapping, Visual Reward Analysis, Customer-centric Value Mapping and others. These practices will help you visualize the fundamental aspects of an organization's design. And visualization is the first step in creating better organization designs.


February 2019
in Kent



45 minutes