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You Are An Information Influencer

Presented by:

Diane Bowen

Computers are solving problems at a pace more rapid than ever before. Not only are they beating masters at GO, in seconds they can determine our credit score and reveal our ancestry while virtual assistants help us with scheduling and reminders. Unfortunately, the average person’s social customs, cultural standards, and the overall understanding of technology update at a much slower pace. Sometimes we trust digital entities we shouldn’t trust, are betrayed by those who should be trustworthy, and may be manipulated by digital ne’er-do-wells. While most technology users are celebrating advances in computing power, it is time we as technologists, entrepreneurs, governments, and community members take time to openly and authentically assess risk. We should discuss how these advances can potentially deepen inequality and alienation and take proactive steps to help humanity avoid these traps.


February 2018


6 min