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When Magic Happens

Presented by:

Nico Krijnen, Ivo Domburg

When magic happens: mixing tech and design to unlock context using collaborative Event Storming

Never mind what tool you use to explore and chart the context of a digital service or product. As long as you do it collaboratively. Because multiple perspectives provide better results. You need a set of rules or guidelines, so all participants think and speak somewhat the same language. Event storming is a good example of such a method.

Coming from different backgrounds (Nico technical, Ivo design), Nico and Ivo share their experience with Event storming. They will explain the rules and show you how visual modelling works.

You’ll experience how it facilitates discussion and decision-making, and how it creates a common understanding of context in a way that is visual, easy to learn and allows anyone to participate.


March 2024




Lightning talk